About us

Craft at the Centre

Craft at the Centre has been set up by Sue Harker, Dawn Almasi and Jeannie Ireland.  Between us we have more than fifty years’ experience as craft practitioners and teachers.  We work closely with our Craft Partners  who use workshop space and run courses from the Centre.  We also have a wide network of tutors able to deliver an amazing range of workshops using materials such as wool, leather, willow, wood, iron, silver, clay and stone.

Our Ethos

Sustainability and respect for the natural world are central to our ethos.  We seek through our work to encourage an understanding of the craft materials we work with, their origins and inherent value, sourcing our materials locally and sustainably wherever possible. 

  • We are inclusive, seeking to provide opportunities for involvement by all members of the wider community.
  • We understand that craft and creative endeavours promote self-esteem, well-being and health and, as such should be available to everybody.
  • We recognise that traditional, heritage crafts are a precious cultural resource that can all too easily be lost. With this in mind, we seek to support craftsmen and women in their work and encourage them to pass on their skills to others

We are a Community Interest Company (CIC) which means that any profits we make are used to make our service more accessible, or are reinvested in the Centre.